Welcome to One World Village Guesthouse!

This small familial guesthouse is part of a larger vision for a more conscious world, where people can meet in LOVE, PEACE, RESPECT AND MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING no matter what skin colour, religion, tradition or culture we all come from.
The main One World Village is located in the West Coast Region with its own beach in Kartong Village in Southern Gambia close to the Senegalese border where nature is regarded by many to be the most lushy and beautiful in the whole Gambia. The developing and building of the One World Village starts in winter season 2011. Volonteers are welcome to apply for participation.
The founders One World Village, Aita (origin Sweden) and Amadou (origin The Gambia) Fadera dedicate their work to create a place where coming back to ones true nature and source is of highest priority in life. Relating to everything living as a true gift from God, our Creator, is of basic understanding.
One World Village will use natural building materials as clay, sand and grass, use solar energy and have compost toilets. The ecological concept will show in organic vegetable gardens and recycling of organic materials.
There will be a natural relating and cooperation with the Kartong and Medina village inhabitants. Especially women empowerment will be of priority.
The One World Village Guesthouse was built long before the main vision took place and is therefore as much as possible adjusted to the eco concept. It has a lushy, beautiful garden with a big variety of fruittrees and tropical plants as banana, papaya, orange, mango, pomegrant, guava, passionfruit and nooni. The guesthouse has solar energy and recycling of organic waste materials.
We kindly ask our guests to cooperate in this ecological concept and therefore ask you to separate all organic waste and throw it in the special bin outside the lobby. Also tins and glass are to be separated.
As water is a resource from nature and for many people in the world a deficiency, we kindly ask our guests to use water consciously. This also regarding the sewage system which still is of every propertys┬┤ own responsibility in this area.
Thank you for your kind cooperation in creating a conscious concept!

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