Transportation and trips by car

Airport pickup or delivery D 1000

Banjul (2 hrs maximum) D 1200

Serrekunda (2 hrs maximum) D 1200

Daytrip Safari within West Coast Region of The Gambia D 4000

Make your choice of several destinations as Kachically Crocodile Pool, African Living Art Centre, Brikama Handicraft Center, Bijilo Forest Park, Tanji River Bird Reserve and Tanji Village Museum, Abuko Nature Reserve, Makasuto Culture Forest, Sanyang Paradise Beach, Gunjur Fishing Village and beach, Kartong remote beach and border to Senegal and Kartong Reptile Farm.

Georgetown, 2 days D 9000

Tendaba camp, 2 days D 8000

(Please note that meals, lodging and admission fees are NOT included in any trip fees)

Rent the car with driver D 1500 + (max 8 hrs) fuel

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